Who we are

Stitchbird India Private Limited is one of India's leading domestic apparel manufacturers with decade of clothing manufacturing experience.

The company is backed by technocratic entrepreneurs with over three decades of experience in contract manufacturing.

Stitchbird India Private Limited operates two state-of - the-art production facilities designed to execute large orders effortlessly.With a single-minded motto of delivering excellence in quality, delivery and price.

Our product line features a wide range of formal and casual shirts,pants, denims, men's, women's and children's sportswear, custom built to order.

With a central strategy to devote 60 per cent of our money to export orders, we were contract manufacturing apparels for a vast list of customers worldwide.



Our leadership style is one aimed at generating higher efficiency, strengthening efforts by group members, and increasing morality in the organization.

As group members are encouraged to share their thoughts and views, the collective model has led to better ideas and more creative approaches to the problems.

With key roles defined in our system, we enable group members to share their expertise with each other, allowing people to make positive changes that lead to growth for the company and its employees.


To be globally respected manufacturer of apparel evoking Distinctive product,performance, process and people recognition.


Profitable growth through innovation, quality, growth and consistency.

Global Reach

Stitchbird India Private Limited, headquartered in Thrissur, Kerala, India, has two manufacturing units in the home city of Thrissur.

A large part of our exports are to some of UAE and Africa’s most trendy fashion labels.

Our teams are researching and learning about fashion trends to accurately predict and design clothes for the customers, or to help them make theirs.

Brands We Serve

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