Our Facilities

Two Factories,Modern Machines And Strong Workforce To Get The Job Done

Driven by automation to deliver on time, each time

Our two factories in Thrissur are spread across 2 locations measuring 20000sq. ft., making Stitchbird India one of the largest manufacturing companies in the region. Over a decade of our existence, we have added facilities based on our vast and varied customer requirements with the single minded goal of providing every service under one roof. Besides a large central warehouse, dedicated sampling units and end-to-end sewing facilities, having our own in–house washing and embroidery units gives us the ability to control our production and quality from start to finish.

An Integrated approach to product development | R&D

Sewing, Finishing & Ironing Facility

At the heart of our operation is sewing. We have over 300 sewing machines spread across our facilities. Our 400 skilled operators are trained to handle all kinds of materials ranging from Cotton, Linen, Viscose, Polyester, and many more. Factory supervisors continually train our operators on machine settings and assist them in gaining the skill level to produce high quality products regardless of fabric at the appropriate cost.

We have made every effort to automate critical operations such as buttoning, pocket welt attaching, shoulder pressing, etc. to deskill operations and increase efficiency. Our highly qualified industrial engineers work with the factory management to ensure various tools such as folders and templates are provided to the sewing line to increase efficiency and quality. Our sewing lines have been designed in a manner to facilitate execution of small and large volume orders.

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