What We Do

Stitchbird India Private Limited is one of India’s Emerging exporters in the woven apparel category.

For well over a decade, Stitchbird India Private Limited has shaped trendsetting collections for the fashion capitals of the world. Today, we are synonymous with woven apparel.

With a single minded motto of delivering excellence in quality, delivery and price, Stitchbird India Private Limited operates two state of art production facility, built to effortlessly execute large orders.

We source the finest fabrics to produce precision-tailored garments for some of the world’s most quality-conscious brands. Powered by advanced machinery and cutting-edge infrastructure, our facilities at Thrissur now manufacture up to 5000 garments a day.



Our R&D department helps you create tomorrow’s trending line

How successful will a new look be?

We work in close synergy with the needs of the global fashion market.

Our design team studies trends – through services such as WGSN and events like Premiere Vision Paris – to provide accurate forecasts of fabrics, washes and detailing for forthcoming seasons.

We present these along with our own design suggestions, which customers can adapt to their needs. We also visit textile mills across India to source and develop exciting new fabrics.

Then comes the production of samples. These are made in a dedicated unit with its own computerized pattern- and marker-making equipment, computerized embroidery machine, and laundry. We have installed  machines dedicated to producing salesman samples – a necessary component of success.

Once a design is finalized, the R&D team liaises with the production department so that they can incorporate every innovation and design detail into the final product.

Brands we serve

We’ve been good to the business & the business has been good to us

In a trade that thrives on change, one of the things we’re proudest of is that our customers tend to stay with us .They trust us to deliver to specifications on time, to respond quickly to the changing demands of fashion and, most importantly, to add the kind of value that can only come from experience.

Today our customer base is a mix of small- and large-volume buyers, These relationships, built over time, have the spirit of true partnerships, with each party having some responsibility for the other’s growth.

Brands We Serve

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